Heidelberg V radio

Peter Orban orbanp1 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 26 05:35:33 PDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

I did buy a Heidelberg V radio from VW for my '88 Jetta. The sale is part of the "audio blowout" that was mentioned here recently.
While the radio was cheap, and is correct for the car, unfortunately it is only a "core" radio, without the plastic faceplate and buttons. The original radio for my car here in Canada was the Autobahn 200, so I can not use the parts from that one. The dealer said the they would check if they have a scrap radio, but so far no luck.
Looking at Ti Kan's Audi radio pages, the Wiesbaden radio looks to be the same.

Does anyone have by chance a dead radio like the above and is willing to part with the faceplate and buttons?

Thanks, Peter

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