What to get next for a car?

Steve Meyer quattroslm at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 19:47:28 PDT 2010

my 2.5 cents...

Having a '92 C4q avant(that is just about dead), '02 A41.8tq avant and had a '00 Passat 4Motion(similar in size to the A6)...I miss the Passat. I'm not a turbo guy and the 1.8t seems too overworked and I get worse in town gas milage than the 2.8v6 in my Passat 4motion. Don't even think about grown men in the back seat of the a4, my 5'3" girlfriend and my 9 year old daughter don't mind for an hour or so. The Passat was more refined than my C4 and I had virtually no problems with it in 70,000 miles. The 2.0t is much better, but I'd still take the v6. Your highway milage will suffer, but I do alot of mixed driving in which the Passat got about 1 or 2mpg better and the added size is much more useful. The A4 is fun and more tossable, but I don't do that much spirited driving anymore and the kids look at me funny when I do!!!

I'd go A6 or Passat 4Motion. Good luck...I'm looking at the same options because I'd like to get rid of our MDX!

'92 100csq avant
'02 a4q avant
'88 90q
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> If you're looking at an A4 from 2004
> - 2006, then it would have either the 1.8T 
> or the 2.0T (think that replaced the 1.8
> for 2006), or the 3.0 V6. Personally, I like the 2.0T a lot
> and wish I had the 
> extra oomph in my 1.8T (which I know I could
> chip to 200hp very reasonably). A 2006 A4 2.0T with 6-speed
> trans and Sport 
> Package would be very nice indeed. It
> would have the 'current' big-mouth grille look but still
> have the classic 
> 'forward' Audi look (versus the current A4 which
> has more of a BMW 3-Series 'cab back' look that is still
> growing on me). 
> Not sure when the A6 changed from the previous 'amorphous'
> look to the current 
> model - which I think is a great-looking 
> car. Unless you're talking the S6, it isn't as 'sporty' as
> the A4. 
> Too bad you can't get the A6 with the 2.0T and 6-speed
> manual. That would be a 
> nice compromise of size and performance,
> especially if you could chip the 2.0T to about 250 hp and
> 250 lb ft of torque.
>  Dan D
> '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
> Central NJ USA
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> Subject: What to get next for a car?
> Looks like its time to get another car as my 95 A6 with
> 288k on it has
> overheated yet again and I am tired of working on it.
> So I am wondering the pros and cons of the newer platforms.
> I am aiming
> for something around 2004-2006.
> A4 1.8T
> A4 2.7/8?
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