'95 A6 - Catalytic converter

Ales ragtop at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 14:16:06 PST 2008

Fay Writes:

> My car had the "check engine" light on when I got to Phoenix Sunday
> for a tennis tournament.   I left it at Audi and Tues. they said the
> left cat was totally plugged.

I've learned from experience not to trust the dealer with older cars - both
times I brought my '95 A6 to a dealer (two different dealers) in the last
years, I got a very expensive diagnosis that fortunately I knew could not
have been the cause of my problem.   Dealerships are often the first stop
for techs, where they mostly pull codes and swap parts on new cars under
warranty, so they've never seen the age-related problems we have.  The good
ones, once they have a little experience, leave to open their own shops.
My independent guy, who's used to working on older Audis, has never
steered me wrong, and I'd urge you to find one of those for a second

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