Axle seal?

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Thu Feb 28 10:21:55 PST 2008

Beware of the cheap chinese rebuilds. They won't hold up 1/4 the time
your originals did.

The inner joints seem to be ok - but the outers warrant a replacement
w/german components.

Spend a little more today so you can save $ tomorrow, BTDT.

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while that is true, i had a different experience.  i did all 4 boots on
a4 when i did all 8 front control arms as a 'might as well while it's
apart'.  i WILL NEVER do cv boots again. it's very messy FING PITA and
while you can save a few $ the boot kits are surprisingly expensive
[even mail order]. plus  i got the wrong ones about 4 times, which added
to the fiasco.

if you do the boots, and another reason not to, is that when you take
the cv apart make sure you stamp / mark the faces when it's assembled [i
didn't know this] because although the parts LOOK symmetrical they fit
together 1 way. which took about 2 hours to sort out on one of them.
like some kind of billet rubiks cube.

on my car the boot kits were about 50 ea. while a remanned axle is like
TOTALLY worth it, imo to plug n play the axle,


> If you're talking about the grease boot, then no, there is no reason 
> to change the entire axle, the boots are replaceable.  Depending on 
> the application, some rebuilds are so cheap that shops will just swap 
> them out instead of bothering to change the boot.
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