Windshield Wipers

Mark R speedracer.mark at
Mon Feb 4 08:39:25 PST 2008

According to  Bosch's web site, they sell the inserts as a set:
3 397 118 933 (Bosch P/N, "OE Blade Front; Set")

Trico doesn't have a listing.

Generally speaking, you don't replace the aero arms on the newer Audis.
Just the inserts.  You CAN replace the arms, but you loose the look and
probably some of the aerodynamics.  Inserts are available from Audi and
Bosch aftermarket.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On Feb 4, 2008 10:48 AM, <lgregf at> wrote:

> My local auto parts store tells me that there are no listings from any of
> the standard manufacturers for replacement wipers on my 2006 A6 Avant.? Is
> this true?? Does it require a dreaded purchase from Audi itself?
> Thanks and regards, Greg

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