The Wave, Remotes & NAC

Fri Feb 1 16:47:45 PST 2008

I remember the wave, I also remember being tested on hand signals for my  
drivers licence. By the time I got my first Bug Eyed Sprite it was only  cool to 
wave at another Sprite.
As far as Harley's go, that's where you have to be real cool. When another  
Harley is approaching you must slowly slide your left hand down and out  (palm 
facing forward) and wait for the acknowledgement from the other biker. If  the 
on coming bike ignores you, just pretend you were cleaning the chrome or  
checking the knife in your boot, but most important .... stay cool.
After reading the thread on remotes I just couldn't wait for the wife to  
come home so I could try and pry the A4 keys out of her death grip hands and  
give it a try......... and it does work, thanks for the tip.
If it wasn't for the NAC I would have forgotten about waving at sports cars  
and my A4's remote would still be limited to 20 feet. I think it is great  
that us Audifans must have the cars running (or have given up on them) and the  
time to share information and fond memories.
'98 A4 Avant  Q
''88 80Q (sold)
'85 4KQ ..garage Queen ... for  sale

**************Biggest Grammy Award surprises of all time on AOL Music.     

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