Paint code name please?

Duncan Thomson duncan at
Wed Jun 29 18:45:57 EDT 2005


Bummer! I wasn't trying to make things harder... honest!
I wonder if it's one of those things which varies by country. Some names 
sound cool in one country, but are meaningless in another.

Just a guess, but pick one that you like I guess..!
Maybe post one of those forums and get a name out of a user manual from 
the country of your choice...

best of luck!

> Thanks Duncan, - As you'll notice I've already had another welcome reply to
>my query, but you could say the waters that were murky, then clear are now
>getting murky again - we now have two names for the code, Capri Green and
>Dark Teal Clearcoat Metallic. Doh! I guess I can use the latter description
>on 'formal' occasions?
>Cheers, Rob.

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