Place to buy Fuel Pump for 89 200 Turbo

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at
Mon Jun 27 12:21:14 EDT 2005

Just be patient if you can't get thru (to TPC that is).  Sometimes it doesn't even ring for me, I either get a click or various automated phone company recordings.  Trying back an hour later usually does the trick.

Keith L

>>> Kent McLean <kentmclean at> 6/27/2005 10:04 AM >>>
Fay Kelley wrote:
> Would someone give me a few recommendations as to where to 
> get a fuel pump in addition to The Parts Connection, 

I haven't seen a response, so I'll just say he's as good as
they get, and not too far from AZ.

Kent McLean
'94 100 S Avant, "Moody"
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke

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