Was: US F 1 race ... Michelin, Now: Falken (VAG)

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Mon Jun 20 20:09:21 EDT 2005

Mine pull a bit, but aren't noisy that I can tell (4kq makes some noise of 
its own ;) ) and are wearing normally...

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>Subject: Was:  US F 1 race ... Michelin, Now: Falken (VAG)
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>Speaking of tires I have a question:
>About a month ago put Falken ZIEX 512 (were on sale but not dirt cheap) on 
>a VW NB.  They are very noisy with harmonic humm, even some vibration at 
>higher speeds.  Had them at 30 PSI Front, 28 Rear (Factory recommends 29 F, 
>26 R) - the fornts began wearing too much on the outside edges.  So got 
>them up to 34 F, 30 R, same loud noise.  The car even pulls to the right a 
>little, no pull with Hankook winters on.  Any similar impressions or ideas 
>how to rectify this?  Or are these junk?
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