insurance company hell with 4kq

Nathan Ray skimaster77 at
Sat Jun 18 14:34:23 EDT 2005

This is the only time when I regret driving a 19 year old car.  On wednesday 
I was peacefully driving my 86' 4kq in town and I got in an accident with a 
woman's honda.  Entirely her fault, she turned left in front of me at a 
green light, but it did a hefty bit of damage to the quattro.  It mashed the 
passinger side front fender, bumper, hood, headlight, and all of the 
headlight mounting frame/trim stuff, as well as the side and center piece of 
the silver trim that goes around the car, it also damaged the black trim on 
the passinger side door.  So I talk to her insurance company on thursday and 
they say that they accept the liability for the damages and to take it to my 
local audi dealer for repairs and the will handle everything.  So when I 
take it to the body shop for an estimate they tell me that the car is a 
total loss because it has $2700+ in damages and there is no way it's worth 
that much.  And I tell them that I don't care how much it's worth because I 
didn't crash it, somebody else damaged my car and they're responsible for 
fixing it.  This is all complicated because the shop can't get used parts 
because the only junk yard in the area with 4k's is a u-pull type place and 
they wont go and get the parts or take them from me if I pull them.  I now 
have to battle the shop and State Farm to not total my car. They have no 
comprehension of the fact that I like my car and I don't want money to buy 
another one, I just want mine fixed!  It's especially frustrating because 
I've already put like $800 into it this spring with a timing belt 
etc./coolant hose/heater core/slave and master cylinder job.
86' 4kq freshly damaged

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