95 A6Q having a weird Electrical problem

Robert Myers Bob at chips-ur-s.com
Sat Jun 18 06:36:07 EDT 2005


This is the typical and familiar failing ignition switch condition.  The 
load reduction relay turns off all those extra items during startup and 
then turns them all back on when you release the key and it returns to the 
normal "run" position.  It's not returning to this position when you 
release the key.  Replace the switch.  It's a 10 to 15 minute job the first 
time and a 5 minute job after that.

Meanwhile, physically turn the key just a bit to physically get the switch 
back to the run position.  Too far, obviously, and you can kill the engine 
this way.

At 03:16 AM 6/18/2005, Tyson Varosyan wrote:

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>Hi All,
>Man, this car is getting on my nerves. The problem now is a strange
>electrical issue. With the car off, I can turn the key to the ON position
>(without starting the car) and all electrical stuff works as normal. As soon
>as I crank the car and let the key return to ON position I lose the
>following items: Turn signals, Head Lights, Heater/AC and windshield wipers.
>Running lights, dash lights, high beams and emergency lights work just fine
>though. I have to turn the car off again before I get these items working,
>but then I cannot drive because as soon as I start the car, all that stuff
>cuts out...
>I think what is happening is that one of the accessory circuits (I assume
>that the car has 2 or 3 of them) is on a relay of some sort that is supposed
>to cut out momentarily under START mode to give the starter maximum juice.
>Problem is, it does not cut back in... I assume that this is a function of a
>relay. I took the cover off that is directly under the steering wheel to
>find a few relays that had little to do with accessories. Laughably enough,
>one of them was labeled "Diesel", which this is a gasoline car... I looked
>under the hood... Where is the relay box on this car?! Ether way, any
>thoughts as to WTF is causing my issue?
>Also, I do not know if this has anything to do with it but a few days before
>the problem appeared, I had a new aftermarket radio installed in the car.
>However, because they had to put in some translator box and a relay behind
>the player, it did not fit all that well. I saw the install tech push wires
>in with his hand and then force the radio unit into the slot. If the relay
>box is there, I can see that causing some issues, but everything worked just
>fine for a few days after the install...
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