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> I think Audi, indeed most manufacturers, are missing
> the boat on heritage. Of course looking forward is
> important, but part of building a brand is reinforcing
> your brand's history. This also displays to the
> potential customer that you're proud, that you're
> important, etc etc. M-B does a fairly good job of
> this, as does Jag. Audi not at all really. Toyota
> would measure in negative numbers.
> I learned all about branding and the importance of
> company history at B&O...heritage was a great tool to
> educate customers who had never heard of us.

Perhaps - but I don't think Audi will be featuring any 5000's in it's
advertising any time soon! The UA fiasco may be keeping them from going
too far back. No sense in reminding people about that, even though most
everyone agrees now that it wasn't as it was reported (surprise!)... It's
also hard for Audi to do a heritage campaign like Mercedes has done
recently, mainly because most of the car companies that eventually became
the Audi brand were never really sold their cars here before the late

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