Phoenix Audi Dealership was GREAT

Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at
Thu Jun 16 01:35:50 EDT 2005

Yesterday I went to Phoenix to the Audi dealership ...
they took me in on very short notice!   Like calling at 7:30 
the same day.

Everyone there went out of their way to be gracious
and accomodating.

They charge $113 an hour and spent 5 hours going over
everything on my car and only charged me $118.
What a great deal.

It seems that one of the knock sensors which I had
replaced both about a year ago, came up with faults.

The other item is the hall sender, which my husband
took one from another car and made it fit mine.   
Probably very slightly off.

I need just rotors and not anything else regarding
the brakes.  They did find one bolt lose and tightened

So I ordered the one knock sensor and brake rotors
and went home with a nicely washed and vacuumed car to

Today I noticed the Turbo fan or radiator fan is making
noise.   When I left Phoenix late it was 103º and my drive
back to Flagstaff is all uphill from 1,000 to 8,000 feet
above sea level . . . so I suppose something else is wearing

Just wanted everyone to know that the North Scottsdale
dealership off the 101 and Scottsdale Road was really great.
I have ordered parts over the phone from them before and
they have been very nice.   In fact one time I was in their
place about two months ago and picked something up while
I was down and they were great then.

Cheers,  Fay

"Optimism is magic!"

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