snow tires, yet again

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Tue Jun 14 19:10:43 EDT 2005

I'd go with the RSI.  Its compounding is supposed to stand up to warmer
highway travel than the Q, so driving from your warmish homeland to the
chill of the mountains should not be as taxing on the tire than with the Q.

At 03:27 PM 6/14/2005 -0700, Rocky Mullin wrote:
>	so, i'm a nokian fan.  i've got studded hakka 1s on steel rims,
>nice and narrow.  at the end of winter some lady took out the front
>end of my car, damaging the stock URQ rim.  i've told the insurance
>company that they're no longer produced, so i need a new set of rims
>as well as tires.  i've picked out the rims on tire rack and now i
>need to choose a studless winter tire.  my URQ rims had hakka Qs on
>	even though i live in san francisco, i head to tahoe enough in
>the winter that i tend to run my studless snows all winter long, and
>occasionally put the studs on the challenge 80 in the sierras during
>heavy winter storms.  i've been happy with the nokians, big time, but
>it's far less complicated to get snow tires from tire rack, with the
>rims, mounted, and with a road hazard plan.
>	how do y'all feel about the pirelli winter 210 and 240 tires?
>they also have the pirelli winter carving and the blizzak.  how do they
>stack up?  especially when compared to nokians.  the hakka q is still
>barely available, though i am looking at the RSI as my choice for medium
>winter rubber shoes.
>	TIA!
>  Rocky Mullin
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