NAC: VW Pissat (sic)

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat Jun 11 01:08:18 EDT 2005

On Jun 10, 2005, at 7:19 PM, Derek Daily wrote:

> And cats would be a last resort after changing out O2s, right?  So
> how can they ask you to change the cats, with only 1 OXS replacement?

The system works by looking for a signal in the post-cat sensor that  
'follows' the pre-cat sensor, indicating the cat has stopped  
working.  If garbage in = garbage out, the cat is not doing its job.   
If the sensor signal just goes haywire, doesn't show proper values  
after a certain amount of time, etc...then the sensor is bad.

> These guys are splicing VW sensors to lower the
> I haven't tried them yet.

Are they using the proper, sealed, sensors?

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