early 10V Turbo ignition signals

Christo Atanasov quattro at elit-auto.com
Thu Jun 9 03:22:48 EDT 2005

May someone give me Voltige/Time diagram of ECU trigger signal Vs Ignition Coil primary voltige.
I need this to detirmine what tipe of transistor is ignition driver of this early 10V turbos (2 pins connector)
In fact if Colector of this transistor is grounded (TO-3 body always has colector on tab) it must be some P-Channel darlington, but whole last night I searching in internet info for high voltage P-chanel darlingotn and there is no such element.. Most powerful P-channel has Vec max 160V which is not enough.
Now I think that may be this hitachi igniter on original coil is maybe a combo of PNP and NPN transistors.

Christo Atanasov
'85 Audi 200 2.1Ti (KG Engine)

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