89 200 Turbo -- RUNNING RIGHT! Finally !!

Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 8 00:27:25 EDT 2005

Hello fella and sista listers.

Just brought my car back from a test drive and it is much better.

I have spent 3 trips and $650 in cash (plus $300 in car rental and 
$600 in lost time for my hubby's work)plus the heater valve, which 
totals over $1600 in order to learn that the mechanic, instead of 
fixing the hard-starting problem which he promised to do, creating 
over-heating and lack of power.   Not to mention weeks
of problems which took me away from my own work and cost me a lot
of money.   We won't mention the stress of it all which cost me a couple
hundred in doctor bills this weekend.

It is apparent after my hubby went over every single hose in the car.
Took them all off and examined them, not to mention a number of other
things suggested (he sure knows my car better now) ....
to find as he was checking everything he could tha the timing belt was

The hall sensor was responsible for the hard starting and the timing
belt being off was the last thing he changed.  I drove it each time on
the service road in betwee various adjustments.

Now it was NOT off when I left Phoenix a month ago.   The car ran better
than when I took it in to that shop.  Still hard starting, but I 
could do 100 on the highway and that car has never in the 100,000 
miles that I have put on the car
ever overheated.

When I left the guy's shop, it had no power uphill and within a short while
started to overheat, then the heater valve blow.

That was pretty nasty of him to say that the heater valve steam blew
the wastegate and that would be $2,000 to fix that!   Especaily when I come
to learn that the diaphram can be fixed for much less.

What miserable human being.

Thanks to everyone who wrote with suggestions!!!   My hubby learned a lot
and maybe next time won't take so long to take a look at my care,  :-)
He did go through all of the suggestions sent, and the only thing he 
couldn't get
was some of the codes to work, but he can do that later.
I learned an awful lot as well.   Particularly to never take it to a mechanic

I am not sure what I am going to do about the guy in Sedona, but
writing to the newspaper, AND the BBB, AND the Attorney General's
office comes to mind.
I will certainly try the newspapers here as well as maybe the radio stations.
Who's that guy, is it Nadar?    Maybe I can call him as well.
(I did not vote for him, but maybe he has some free time now, LOL).

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with advice and thoughtful
feedback!   I love my car !

Cheers,  Fay

a.k.a.  Cat

"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."

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