My own fuel pump saga- '84 4kq- (and some fixes)

Mister Z rogviler at
Tue Jun 7 17:05:16 EDT 2005

>Just to interject here, when a fuse blows, unless you know
>exactly why it did and have eliminated the draw, you're
>not supposed to just replace 
>the fuse, you have to find the problem and fix it first

>... or you can make things a lot worse.

>You probably have wires with melted insulation deep inside
>your harnesses now.  Incredibly difficult to troubleshoot,
>and a pain to fix.

Yeah, hence the $500 to replace pretty much every wire
under the dash... It was fairly lousy advice from the local
VW/Audi repair place. To their credit, it would've been
helpful as a diagnostic aide in the driveway, as one
wouldn't have to keep replacing the fuse to see if it's
fixed, but I definitely wouldn't drive around like that.

And BTW, I took it to a different mechanic to get it fixed.
Fool me once, shame on you...

I guess another question I had was since the fuel pump
circuit is so prone to malfunction on these older Audis,
has anyone come across a way to switch it to something that
works better?

Seems to me after 20 years of little wiring harness demons
someone would've come up with the magic cure.


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