URGENT: 89 200 Turbo SAGA

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 7 14:04:56 EDT 2005

Cat ^. .^ ~ wrote:
> Now I can barely get the car to move down the driveway.
> it will run but doesn't want to move very fast at all

I would think that you can drop the catalytic converter
but just undoing a few bolts, maybe just the front, and
wire the cat out of the way.  Then try running the car.
It will be loud (but not outrageously so because the turbo
helps muffle things).  A trip up and down the driveway
should tell you if it improves things.  My guess is that
it will, especially if you had been having rough running
issues that, if running rich, might overload and kill
the converter.

If taking the cat out of the equation improves things,
you can get inexpensive replacement cats off the Internet,
from places like:

Disclaimer: NFI. Don't know them, haven't used them, Google
found them.

Kent McLean
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