Fuel Pump Relay question

Chris Hall badcomrade at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 12:01:21 EDT 2005

Funny you should say that.

My car used to do the same thing... engine cut-out where the tach
falls straight to 0 like a stone.  I used to ALSO play with the little
green and black wires on the coil, and somehow that seemed to get it
going again.

If you listen -real- closely, when you re-attach one of the black
wires, some thing(s) cycle in the engine compartment.  Dunno if it's
the pressure regultor or the ISV or what...

In my continuing saga...

Today (with the plug to the ISV disconnected) 10 minutes in to the
drive to work, the engine cut out and cut back in once (tach "glided"
to 0, didn't fall like a stone as if it were an ignition problem) and
a few seconds later stalled out.  I poped the hood, put the ISV
connection back and let it cycle, then took it off.  Put in the spare
fuel pump relay...  Still no start.  Then for the hell of it I played
with the 2 ECU ground wires (which are good) and the fuel pressure
regulator connector (I've read that even if the FPR isn't connected,
the car should still run... just poorly) and I also unplugged the 2
green wires from the coil and the 2 black.  Got back in the car, and
it started on the first try.  Drove fine the rest of the way.

When it stalled, I was on the brakes and didn't have my foot on the
gas.  This would usually mean the "idle switch" is suspect.  I've
tested it though, and it works.  Maybe I need to start testing it more
when I can't get started.  What a stupid little switch.  I can't even
SEE the damn thing... god knows you probably have to remove the whole
throttle body off the car to get at it  lol.

Yesterday (dunno if you read everything I've posted... it's a small
novel lol) I started playing with the fuse / relay "tray" and I could
have -sworn- that every time I shook it (or the wires under it) that
the car would die.

But last night, it wouldn't start (no matter how much I played with
the wires) and finally I decided to disconnect the ISV connection
(something that seemed to work the first ever time I had problems with
the car not starting) and it started RIGHT up.

I then suspected maybe a problem with the ISV's wiring under the fuse
box... but I think I have to ELIMINATE that idea since the car stalled
today with that plug disconnected...

So now I'm running with the "spare" FP relay in... and I don't even
remember at this point if I have the ISV connected or not.  I don't
think that matters now anyway...

I used to wonder why people always said these cars had horrible
electrical systems, since my 83 CGT never had any problems.  Now I
know  lol

Chris Hall
badcomrade at gmail.com
"making girls cry since 1974"

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