Fuel Pump Relay question

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Sun Jun 5 10:01:17 EDT 2005

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badcomrade at gmail.com writes:

I'm not  really thinking it's the relay.  The only thing that seemed to
get the  car to start after messing with it was unplugging the ISV
connector.   Still seems like shaking the fuse / relay tray was making
the car stall  & start when turning over for a long time, but I could
not get it to  stall no matter how hard I tried after unplugging the
ISV's electrical  connection.

Lucky for me, it's gonna be 90° out today, and I have to go  to work. 
This should be "fun"...

I think I have ISV spares as well. Might be worth a shot to replace that  
FWIW- I'm not trying to "sell" parts- I'm trying to help.


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