Miricle oil additive?

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Wed Jun 1 21:08:25 EDT 2005

  Mobil 1 is the best OTC oil you can find most everywhere.  If the 
viscosity works for you, use the Truck/SUV flavor which is purported to be 
re-labled Delvac 1, their OTR heavy diesel lube.

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>Subject: Miricle oil additive?
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>Alright, so is there a miricle oil additive I can count on extending the 
>life of my porsche flat 6? Prolong, duralube, slick 50? I never used the 
>zmax but have used various others in some of my cars over the years. Which 
>is best in others opinions?
>My car is running long on miles and even though it's an sc and reliable, I 
>don't like the thought of putting 5 figures into it.
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