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No go on waste oil heater, they are just too expensive and most of them use
compressed air to areate the oil for better burning. Radiant is a
possibility but i'd like to heat the whole garage, not just one area. Thanks

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> Rolf
>    Consider a waste-oil heater, if you or a local business generate
> sufficient used oil to run it.
>    Another possibility is electric radiant heaters.  A lot of shops use
> these where the work area is specific and overall heating is not
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> > Well, time has come to contemplate heating my home garage. I asked this
> > question a few years back when i first bought my house but never
> > through. Here in Pa. we get pretty cold winters and at times the temp in
> the
> > garage can drop below freezing. The walls and doors are lightly
> > the size is about 28x24 with 10 foot roof and an uninsulated ceiling and
> > uninsulated attic overhead. floor is concrete. I'd like to keep the
> project
> > simple. Not as simple as a torpedo heater though. I'd like a roof/wall
> hung
> > unit of some sort that is economical to power. I do not need to warm it
> > 70 degrees, but at least 50-55 would be nice. And it wouldn't be used
> > the time, but i would expect it to be safe to use overnight. My two
> i
> > suppose are a gas or oil fired unit. I currently store about 100 gallons
> of
> > off-road diesel fuel in my garage for use in the tractor i have, so
> tapping
> > off that wouldn't be an issue (there are in 55 gallon drums though), or
> > thought about installing a propane fired unit with a tank outside. I'd
> like
> > to hear from those who have experience with either and what their
> > are. Which one is safer? for limited use, which one is more economical?
> > know that depends on fuel prices, but i'm also considering maintenance
> > well. TIA for the advice!
> >
> > Rolf

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