Delrin or Poly bushings? Worth it?

pasquale pilato pasqualep99 at
Sun Aug 29 20:22:22 EDT 2004

> I don't see how the proper line for a 951 would be
> any different than
> for
> a Coupe GT or an A4. The fastest way through a
> corner is the shortest,

If the fastest way around a corner is the shortest,
then you would want to enter on the inside and stay on
the inside, you would want the tightest radius
yielding the shortest distance as stated above.  The
"fastest" way around a corner is finding a line with
the biggest radius. Outside, apex, and unwind the
steering wheel on the exit. Any car can handle so much
lateral forces, using that as a constant, your time
around a corner is directly related to speed and
radius.  Lets say same amounts of grip, if the radius
taken, if the racing line, varies from smallest to
biggest, your speed will vary from slowest to fastest,
assuming ideal circumstances.

Watch on speed when they set up for a corner, they
never take the "shortest" distance around a corner
when given the choice.

with the slowest car (1990 100q) on the road, really,
slower than a ford 350 dualy.

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