re. Leaking brake pressure regulator in '87 4kq

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Aug 26 21:20:53 EDT 2004

> Now for the folks who suggested the regulator is cheap, please advise us as
> to where to get one.  I checked several FLAPS in my area and it is
> unobtanium.  Dealer price is outrageaous.  I'd be open to information on a
> rebuild kit if applicable, but really would prefer to just install a good
> one if it can be found for not too much $$$.

It's on Blau's web site for about $170 - I thought I remembered it being 
cheaper (more like 70 or so) when we did Brendan's, but then again, it 
wasn't my money, so I wasn't paying close attention.

It would certainly pay to check with The Parts Connection, Force 5, or 
Atlantic Imported.  Blau is not always the best deal in town (although 
they do sell a sweet metal radiator for $200 for the type 85).

Huw Powell

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