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Robert Myers robert at
Tue Aug 24 09:53:30 EDT 2004

West Virginia (and some others?) charge a "Use Tax" on all cars registered 
in the state.  There is no "Sales Tax" on cars but the use tax is 
ruthlessly enforced.  This tax is 5% (6% now? - it's been a while for me) 
on the supposed current value of the car.  It doesn't matter if you have 
paid sales tax on the car and driven it in another state for years.  When 
you move to WV you pay the use tax before you are allowed to register the 
car in WV which, of course, you must do within a certain time limit if you 
live in WV.  You also pay that same use tax if you already live in WV and 
but the car from a WV dealer or from an individual for that matter.

At 07:45 AM 8/24/2004 -0600, Ed Kellock wrote:

>A friend of mine just moved from here in CO to TX.  She has a 1.5 year
>old Toyota 4Runner bought new and registered normally here, which
>would involve paying sales tax.  When she went to transfer reg to TX,
>they wanted sales tax again from her.  I swore that was bogus but she
>insisted that's what she had to do.  Does anyone know if TX charges
>the differrence between their's and another state's if the vehicle is
>of a certain young age?  Sounds super bogus to me.
>On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 23:00:39 -0700, Michael McLaughlin <mcloffs at> 
> > In California they charge sales tax even if you're out of state. I
> > bought an Audi there about a year and a half ago. I was charged
> > California sales tax, but that amount was credited to my Washington
> > state sales tax total when I registered it here. Worried me a bit, but
> > it worked out. Of course, if I were in a state with no sales tax...
> >
> > -Mike
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