new (old) engine inspection

Alan Pritchard apritchard at
Tue Aug 24 08:29:26 EDT 2004

So, I just got my new (to me) ng engine home into my garage.
My plans are, rip the head off, match the ports to the manifolds, general
clean up, do a big valve conversion, raise the cr to about 10.5-1, ceramic
coat piston crowns, combustion chamber and valve faces. Ceramic coat the
exhaust manifold, and the underside of the inlet manifold. Fit a 7a throttle
body, and efi injectors in the stock location. Exhaust will be the good ole
5-3-1 to 2.5" cat back. Camshaft is a shrick 272. fuel and ignition will be
controlled by megasquirt'n'spark. Flywheel is to be lightened. There will
also be an oil cooler fitted. But I need to check the bottom end over, what
should I look for to make sure the bottom end is good? I really wanna break
200hp on a 2.3 na i5. later on I may do a 5 throttle body conversion, still
tba. And if a diesel crank comes up cheap it will be stroked, but that is

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