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JordanVw at writes:
>  i saw a '97 1.8Tq it wasnt the tiptronic. should i stay away from 
> the non-tip auto trannys? 

Not particularly, but if you must have a slushbox, the tip is better.

> also what engine is better? the 1.8T or the 2.8v6?

Each have its strengths.
V6 - silken, quiet, torquey
1.8T - potential for more power from modding

> is there any mods that can be done to the 2.8v6?

The only one that I know of is the PES supercharger kit, other than
something like cat-back exhausts.  However if you're getting a slushbox
car (either 1.8T or V6), I would be cautious about dramatic increases
in power beyond stock.  The longevity of the tranny will be compromised.

> and another question.. i looked at a 99 a4 w/ 
> was this wild blue jazz blue.. anyone know the name?

For the 1999 model year, there are two blue colors on the A4:
"santorin blue" and "pelican blue".  The santorin is a very dark
metallic, whereas the pelican is sort of lighter metalic aqua blue.
I suspect what you saw was the pelican.

> how many yrs 
> was this color used?

The pelican blue was introduced on the A4 in 1997 as one of the
"cool shades" option colors, and available up to the 2001 model

> the car had no sunroof!!! is it possible to get one put 
> in? 

Not a factory one.  A non-sunroof car is not going to have the same
roof structure with its inside compartment where the roof slides into
and the tracks, etc.  An aftermarket sunroof means cutting a hole
and typically gives you only tilt-up capability, and is probably
prone to rust and leaks.

> also what models had the sport seats? most ive looked at had just the regular 
> leather comfort seats..without the high side bolsters.. one i looked at 
> actually only had a drivers power seat..
> the passenger side one was manual...

Sport seats are offered as a part of the sport package (which includes
slightly lowered and stiffer suspension, etc).  Only the 2.8 had the
power seat, and only on the driver's side.  1.8T only has manual seats.

> how much smaller is the A4 than the B5 Passat? thanks

By about 6" in total length.

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