Audi Quattro Sport questions . . .

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While browsing for older style tires, I landed on this site info 
( where we 
learn that Michelin is selling the older TB15 tire, the very same one that 
came stock on your friend Sport Quattro!

At least, that's what I can see if I look closely at these pictures:

If he wants to feel the correct "period" feeling, that's the tire to get! 
And what a look!


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Re: Audi Quattro Sport questions . . .

Many thanks for all the ASQ comments and I'm forwarding them to my bud.
He's probably seen it at the Imperial Palace, so I'm going to suggest
he call them and talk to them about their maintenance of the car. 
the real owner is a Guatamalan (sp?) rich-guy and it is titled in Colorado
has never been to the guys home country.

Gary's going to drive the car and enjoy it.  He's already decided to
the wheels/tires (and keep the originals safe).  Any suggestions on
clearance?  He will run it at Audi track days at PIR too.   Up in 
a guy who's reputedly the heir to the Tektronix (sp?) empire, has 34 Group
rally cars including two ASQs (not being perfectly familiar with all the
race version titles).  He has R5 Turbos, MG Metro Turbos, RS-200s, 
and plenty more.  Gary will find out who handles his ASQs for him.

Keep up the great info.

Jay J. Hector

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