Help! Possible fuel pump woes...'87 5KCSQT

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Aug 23 08:52:05 EDT 2004

That's the kind of behavior I experienced when the fuel pump relay failed
in my 200q20v.  Friend with a 5ktq had similar experience fixed by a new
fuel pump relay.

The fuse slot in the relay is for doing tests.

A BTW:  Shortly after I replaced the relay, the fuel pump itself failed.  I
assumed the replacement relaly was bad, but found that the pump wouldn't
run when powered directly from a 12 volt source.  It's my guess that a
failing fuel pump will stress the relay enough to make it fail too,
especially an old one.

At 08:00 AM 8/23/2004 +0000, David Balbirona wrote:
>Hey everyone,

>I currently have a car in a no start scenario after a sputter at 50 mph and 
>roll to a stop today (Sunday afternoon, 8/22) about 3 miles from home.  
>Verified the following in the parking lot and later again at home after a 
>tow from a friend:
>- charged battery
>- spark at the plugs & coil
>- engine cranks over easily
>- 1/4-ish tank of gas
>- no gas coming out of the out-bound side of the fuel filter
>- no gas going to the inbound side of the filter
>- fuel pump no longer making obnoxious buzzing noise when engine was running 
>briefly after stall
>- no fuel pump noise at all even when key & ignition is turned on as if 
>starting car
>- fuse #13 OK
>- unable to get any voltage reading at fuel pump sending unit harness 
>connector on terminals 1 & 4 (green & brown wires)
>The Bentley says to check the relay.  What's the deal with the space for a 
>fuse on top of this relay?  What goes here?  I haven't seen anything in this 
>spot before.

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