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Sun Aug 22 19:37:57 EDT 2004

In part:

Gunmen stole Edvard Munch’s famous paintings The Scream and Madonna in a 
daring daylight raid on a museum in Norway today.

The armed men burst into the Oslo building and ordered a museum worker to 
hand over the priceless works in front of terrified visitors.

They then escaped in a waiting car – later found abandoned.

Police spokeswoman Hilde Walsoe said: “Two or three armed men threatened an 
employee with a handgun to give them The Scream and Madonna,

“No one has been physically injured, and the suspects escaped in an Audi 
A6. We are searching for the suspects with all available means.”

“We found the escape car, and we have found many pieces of the frames,” she 

No details on the car were given in the story.

At 07:22 PM 8/22/2004 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>Did anyone else see the photos someone captured of the thieves running off 
>with the paintings?  The local news showed 'em, couldn't find them online.
>The vehicle, though very blurry, was unmistakably an audi avant. Looked 
>sorta like an RS2 avant with cup wheels, but a google-news search turned 
>up that it was an A6.
>Not exactly a fast getaway car, although I guess they probably are a dime 
>a dozen unlike an RS2 avant or S6 avant- kinda like the difference between 
>using a red Taurus and, say...a Ford GT. One kinda sticks out, the other 
>doesn't :-)
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