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How much and can you ship it to Canada?


I have a fwd, so is that easier?







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I have one in perect cond. from '87 avant.


You need to drop transaxle to extract - not trivial.




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Hi all,

I have been lurking on digest mode and now have a question concerning my
'85 wagon.  The gas tank is leaking, I need to remove it and I have two
options available to me, either replace or repair.  I have been looking
around here, southern Ontario from a replacement and even went as far as
trying to get one from the southern U.S.  No luck, I can find plenty of
5000s gas tanks, it seems that wagon tanks are "rare".  :-)


Does anyone know of one that is available, "locally" to southern
Ontario?  How hard is it to remove the old one?  Are there any special
tricks I need to know?

Thanks in advance

David Templeton

'85 5000s Wagon]

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