Power Windows...

Rishabh Kasliwal rishabhk at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 13:00:59 EDT 2004


I had a similar problem on my 1995 A6 a couple of months ago.
It did that a few times (say a week) and then conked off completely.
I had to get the power window relay replaced. I got a used part for
about $225 and it was a total of about $350 with labor.


I am having an intermittent problem with losing power to my power
windows/sunroof. I have taken out the yellow power window/sunroof controller
from under the dash, taken it apart and cleaned the contacts several times.
This seems to help for awhile, and then it goes back to its old tricks of
not having power sometimes. I suspect that this relay/controller just needs
to be replaced. Does anyone have one of these laying around that they would
like to sell? Also I think I need a new auto down relay.  Car is an 86
5000CS Quattro

Thanks in advance!!


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