80q headliner nightmare

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Aug 19 20:51:32 EDT 2004

> Here is a summary of headliner repair of took from Audifans and the Saab 
> Network and condensed into a document.  Hope this helps!!

I just wanted to make a comment or two here and there in this...

> Audi Headliner Replacement
> Quick Fix

IMHO, the quick fixes just mean more mess until you do it right.  But, 
on a trip, or until you have time, they can be invaluable.

> Recovering your one piece headliner
> Note: You must remove the sunroof to remove the headliner.

Not on a type 89 (88-92 80/90).

>  The first thing 
> to do is remove the headliner. In most cases, you may use the following 
> shortcut: remove all hardware that bolts through the headliner, such as 
> the visors, coat hooks, dome light, and sometimes the rear view mirror.

and sunroof motor cover., A-pillar trim being out helps a lot, too.

> Then, by grabbing the headliner by the dome light opening and patting 
> toward the edge, move the headliner toward one corner of the vehicle, 
> allowing the opposite sides to come out from the surrounding molding and 
> dropping down slightly into the passenger area.

The important thing here is that there is a piece of fairly lightweight 
molded & cut cardboard which is the structural underpinning for the 
headliner.  Try not to fold or mutilate it during the removal phase.

It is often glued to the vehicle roof behind the sunroof, making intact 
removal a bit tricky (my parts car one came out ok, but my old, replaced 
one got roughed up a bit).

Around the sunroof are a bunch of clips attached to the headliner that 
hold it up.

> You can 
> install the headliner the same way you took it out

Installation was even easier than removal on my 90Q, I was able to just 
sort of "band and snap" the re-covered liner into all the trim that 
holds it (A, B, C pillar moldings) without removing them.

> I got quotes for applying new material to the shell for $200-250, but 
> found a place that did it for $110 and did a good job.

I had mine done at an auto upholstery place, for about $75 or so (I paid 
extra for some more fabric in case I ever want/need to do the sunroof 
liner as well, for about a $100 total)

You save a lot by removing it and bringing it in, and putting it back in 
yourself, of course.

The new fabric wasn't a perfect match, but we picked one with about the 
same tone of grey.  The drag with this whole job is that neither the 
original assembly, cardboard, or cloth are available from Audi.

Also note that for the "custom-look" minded people, that almost any 
fabric/pleather/fur/chihuahua skin/ladybird shell could be used.

Huw Powell



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