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Jay J. Hector 70243.3034 at
Thu Aug 19 04:04:35 EDT 2004

Thanks for replying to my question regarding the Quattro Sport (although
I'm still curious about mechanical quirks).  First, the QS won't be a 
garage/concours-queen.  Gary, my friend, is not a collector but a driver,
and it won't be a commuter-car.  He has a '93 500E and an '88 Alfa Milano
to drive too, and he just got rid of a '92 A4(?) Quattro, so he's familiar
Audis and wants to enjoy it.  He's still kicking himself for not getting a
BMW M1 two years ago for less than 60k (let's say the QS was about
mid-70k range).  Transporting it could be an option for him, but I'm not
going to push him to do it as I'd rather drive it, and he figures I can
it safely better than he can and I've got better mechanical knowledge.  All
cars have the potential for breakdown on the road, new or not, and
if there were some major problem that the shop finds, then that would end
the driving.  I believe the Blackhawk collection is the current owner, and
should have been maintained properly.  If you look at the pics at this
in one you'll see my Golf (yellow) '02 next to a BMW 2800cs (BlueMax
The 2800cs has 440k miles on it in all original condition including the
and it normally wins concours it enters. Murray bought it new and still 
drives it all the time.   It's possible to drive a car and keep it mint. 
My paint is 
original too (I'm f1reverb on the list and there a plenty of pics at the
link so
be patient):

I'll forward him the email about the Walnut Creek shop, as it makes more
than Davis.  A tidbit: back in '84 or '85 my friend, David Taylor, rode up
Pike's Peak
shotgun with Michele Mouton on a full-course practice run (in the PP prep'd
Dave was shooting pics for a French magazine of her at work.  He didn't
appreciate the ride as he was too busy shooting to pay attention!

I will shoot pics of my trip in the QS and post a link if I do the run.  I
have driven
the competion to the QS, the Renault 5 Turbo 2, when I shot the cover of

So how'z about mechanical things to be aware of?  Normal gauge readings
and the like for oil-pressure, cooling or whatever?  Thanks again for the
quality and quantity of your replies.  Here's another F1 shot for your

Jay J. Hector

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