quattro Digest, Vol 10, Issue 45 - RE: Delrin or Poly bushings? Wo rth it?

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Wed Aug 18 23:12:34 EDT 2004

Totally with Taka on this one. I've been to a number
of Evolution/McKamey school events and one instructor
(whom is both an Auto-X and SCCA Club National Champion,
multiple times in both fields) even made a point to state
it doesn't make a difference which wheels or what number
of wheels are driven, particularly in the braking or turning
part of timed laps. Further to the point, one of my best
instructors was a National Champ in ESP (i.e. a Camaro,
prepped), his advice yielded me the greatest improvements
in lap times at an Evo school event. And, he wasn't the 
first instructor of the day. And, I wasn't a novice (nor
was I slow, Regional titles, etc.) when I took the school.

In other words, if you choose to do a track event or school,
pick one that is convienient, fits your budget, fits your
needs (fast street, competition Auto-X or Road Race, accident
avoidance, executive escape (that one ALWAYS sounds fun, in
the advanced classes you learn to RAM and run or spin and pin
if you are "cornered")or the one your best buddy wants to go to.

You will learn regardless of the make sponsoring the school. And
go have fun. 


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Subject: RE: Delrin or Poly bushings? Worth it?
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It is really incorrect to imply that HPDEs run by other
organizations can't teach you how to drive your Audi quattro.

AWD doesn't make any difference when you're talking about learning
the proper line, how to apply brake and throttle smoothly, understanding
and seeing the apex of a corner, car control skills, learning about
under- and oversteer, how to heel-and-toe downshift and rev match
smoothly, etc. Those basic skills are all the same, regardless of the

Heck, I practice apexing and proper exit lines every day in an
automatic Beetle. :-)



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