Poor running 90Q

DePenning, Charles [EPM/MTN] Charles.DePenning at EmersonProcess.com
Tue Aug 17 17:28:07 EDT 2004

Please let me know what you find out- I have been battling this problem with
my '89 90q for quite a few months now.  I've really gotten into everything
pretty well- measured all fuel pressures, DPR current, OXS voltage, exhaust
and intake paths, vacuum leaks, replaced injectors, cap, rotor, wires &
plugs, coil checked and then replaced anyway, cleaned up all grounds I could
find, and the bastard still won't run.  It seems like it is running pig
rich- really stinks up the garage, smoky, and the DPR current when in closed
loop runs to full lean signal.  And no, the cold start injector isn't
running more than it should.  My symptoms are exactly as you describe-
stumbles when idling, no power under load, revs like it is missing.  Once it
really warms up it eventually dies.  Last night I had another of many 'a-ha'
moments and thought that the crankcase vent hose might be the culprit- it
looked pretty collapsed, but upon replacing it, no dice.  I'd really like to
get this thing out on the road again, so if you (or anybody else out there)
has any ideas, PLEASE let me know- I'm almost to the point of having it
towed, and that would hurt my ego for years to come.

Charley "Category 4" DePenning
'89 90q
'89 200t
'84 4kq
'83 5kt
And a jeep that runs.

>>> David Ellis <David at icallshotgun.com> 08/15/04 06:15PM >>>
Hi Gang

I just got a 1989 Audi 90Q 10V.  It had been sitting a while, so I
the oil/filter and spark plugs and cleaned out the ISV, put a fresh
tank of
Super unleaded and a new battery.  Everything looks OK, & engine
compression is good on all 5.  The car will start and run but idles
very low
and when you rev it up it sounds like it is missing or not running on
all 5
cylinders.  And it is hard to get it to rev over 3500 RPM in neutral.
Needless to say it does not drive well at all, you have to slip the
just to get it up the driveway.

I checked all the fuses, especially the ones under the red cover that
"MOTOR-MOTEUR" which I believe powers the ECU

Any other ideas on what to check?

Thanks for any ideas!!

David E.

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