help w/ headgasket '93 90s

mike mikemk40 at
Mon Aug 16 10:24:07 EDT 2004

I think the official wisdom is lock the crank and the
cams with special tool number 555. The cam sprocket is
on a taper not a key so you need to get a puller to
remove it.

There might be an issue with only doing one as some
people recommend re-tightening the heads when you
remove the valley and finally, there are some oil
check valves in there escapes me what
they do at the moment but I seem to remember they are
important and cheap so replacing them is worth a
thought. Other things to consider....TB obviously
alone with water pump and idlers, maybe thermostat as

good luck with it


--- Andrew Steere <andrewsteere at> wrote: 
> Need somebody with a shop manual to get me a little
> info...
> [yes, I know diving into projects on an Audi w/o a
> shop manual is never a
> good idea, but desperate times, desperate measures]
> Have to do a headgasket on a friend's 93 90s,
> passenger side (2.8 v6).
> Looks fairly straightforward, just hoping there's
> timing marks to line the
> belt up when I reassemble (would really prefer that
> Mr. Piston not hit Mr.
> Valve).
> Can anybody give me the torque figures and order for
> the heads, please?  Any
> other BTDT issues?  Should I put down the wrenches
> and step away from the
> vehicle?  Exhaust manifold/downpipe bolts are
> already getting the PB blaster
> soak, looks like everything else is accessible from
> topside.
> Thanks for any help you can offer--
> --Andrew Steere
> Dover, NH
> andrewsteere at comcast dot net
> A Subaru, A Saturn, too many Merkurs and an 80q that
> just got kicked out of
> storage...
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