A6QA auto tranny

John Larson j.d.larson at verizon.net
Wed Aug 11 23:08:32 EDT 2004

If anyone on the list knows of a tech trained and experienced on the ZF auto
tranny installed in my 95 A6QA, and who would be willing to talk to me on my
nickel, I sure would like to have his contact information!  I'm having gear
selection issues with my remanufactured unit (first on kickdown only, even
when it's selected, and no 4th), and I need to know what to look for in
solving the dilemma.  I really don't think 5K at 80 is right!  IN addition,
the selector panel on the dash doesn't coordinate with the lever.  If such a
person is in So Cal (or even the Bay Area!), he/she could have a nice
weekend here, food and drink, and a place to stay.  TIA, John

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