fuel injector clogged

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If your injectors were corroded, the fuel distributor may be as well - inspect it.  I can get you a clean replacement from recently running car for cheap.  I may have some used injectors on hand too.  They can be cleaned if gummy, but consider rusty as going in the trash.

The good deal injector prices have gone from $40'ish two years ago to well over $50 recently.  Rod at thepartsconnection.com has had them for the best price for me most times - was around $45 a couple months ago on special, but these prices will fluctuate with the currency exchange rate.  Also Chris at force5automotive.com has them in the price range.  They are worth replacing new, but nothing wrong with used injectors and seals, as they will at least be a major improvement.  Caveat - sometimes the used and even the new ones will leak down causing hard starting after sitting for sometime.

You are getting things sorted - just a little more time and $$ and then well, maybe a little more time and $$ and well...OK it is not that bad, just that I have 9 of these, so BTDT too many times.  You'll know you have the fuel system well sorted when you come out in the AM turn the key and VROOM in under 2 sec.  and no hard starting when hot.


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I have a 88 5k that seems to have clogged fuel injectors.  I can't get any spray out of any of the five injectors.  The only thing spraying is the cold start valve.  After removing the injectors I found they had rust particles inside them.  I guess there is no cleaning them, right?  Anyway I've found some for around $56.00 ea., would that be a good price?  I have already cleaned and coated the fuel tank prior to finding this problem, so maybe this will fix my fuel problem.  Just so I'll know I checked the injectors correctly. I first removed them from the head, jumped the fuel pump to turn it on by turning on the ignition switch and inserting a fuse in the top of the relay, then pushing up on the air plate,NO SPRAY, took the injectors off and did the same thing, plenty of fuel came out of each line. (sounds dangerous doesn't it).]

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