fuel injector clogged

Jim & Michelle jimhill at blomand.net
Mon Aug 9 20:11:26 EDT 2004

I have a 88 5k that seems to have clogged fuel injectors.  I can't get any spray out of any of the five injectors.  The only thing spraying is the cold start valve.  After removing the injectors I found they had rust particles inside them.  I guess there is no cleaning them, right?  Anyway I've found some for around $56.00 ea., would that be a good price?  I have already cleaned and coated the fuel tank prior to finding this problem, so maybe this will fix my fuel problem.  Just so I'll know I checked the injectors correctly. I first removed them from the head, jumped the fuel pump to turn it on by turning on the ignition switch and inserting a fuse in the top of the relay, then pushing up on the air plate,NO SPRAY, took the injectors off and did the same thing, plenty of fuel came out of each line. (sounds dangerous doesn't it).

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