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I just installe a Quafe differential so based on my experience I would:

Remove the bearings and races and shims - need to drive out shims and they pretty much get detroyed in the process.  Replace the shim with the identical size or perhaps one size up to take up for small amount of slop in the wear of the trans.  You would only be increasing by about .01mm

Replace the bearings and races and appropriate shims.

The guages were difficult to use - no question.  I asked the mechanics at the dealer what they did and got several old-timers laughing - "No one does that anymore - you just go to the junkyard and get another transmission."  So didn't get much help there.

Basically if you feel slop before dissassembly, you may want to increase the shim size to the next or ust use the same size as you take out - if it wasn't a problem then, then shouldn't when you reassemble.


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I intend to replace the bearings on my 016 tranny differential and on
the pinion shaft. Don't care if they're "good", they're still 25 years
old and I am doing all bearings as precaution, blah blah blah.

Thing is, it requires me to measure the actual deviation of the pinion
shaft in order to calculate the shims I will need. According to Bentley
I will require some rather fancy looking bar and dial guage setup which
is centred on the line of the differential and basically takes a reading
perpendicular to the bar.

Who's done this kind of thing and can suggest methods not required the
gazillion special tools in the Bentley books?

And, no, I do not wish to send it to the tranny shop 'cos they have
skills just as bad as mine and they still cost me. :)


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