Type-44: Tightening turbo oil lines - Bentley mistake?

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Don't make the same mistake I once made: I torqued a small M6 valve cover 
bolts of a GM engine to something like 36 ft-lbs... where it was supposed 
to be torqued to 36 in-lbs (3 ft-lbs)!!! 
I tell you not how badly crushed was the valve cover gasket...

Louis-Alain Richard

Thanks for the link, but I'm still scratching my head. It says the same 
thing and it seems odd that more than one source says the same thing... 
maybe cuz it comes all from Audi. Regular M6 bolts should go in at 10 Nm 
and the strongest ones at 17 Nm... Audi says 25! I guess I could just 
tighten it to what makes sense for the size of the bolts and see if it 
leaks. Very strange though. Thanks again.


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Date: 8/2/04 4:58:15 AM
Subject: Re: Type-44: Tightening turbo oil lines - Bentley mistake?

> This really doesn't seem to make sense, but the Bentley (as well as the 
Haynes) says to
tighten the bolts for the turbo oil lines to 18 ft-lbs. These are the 
little M6 bolts that
actually bolt into the turbo. I looked up the torque chart for M6 and even 
w/ class 12.9
hardware, you can only get about 12 ft-lbs out of 'em. Some how I doubt 
that'll work. Any
experience or BTDT's regarding the proper torque? Also how about the 
torque for the other
sides of the lines... one is M6 and bolts to the aluminum oil filter 
housing, and the other is
M8 and bolts into the block. I can't find any spec for either. Thanks for 
the help.

Does http://www.isham-research.com/quattro/torque.html help?  I know it's 
ur-quattro, but ...

  Phil Payne

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