5K CST Rough Idle and Hard Starting

Brett Goetz brett.goetz at rtp.ppdi.com
Mon Aug 2 09:34:57 EDT 2004

After 8 months in the garage my car ('88 5K CST) is finally on the 
road!!  I overhauled the brakes replace the steering rack and all hoses, 
  rebuilt the suspension etc.  I also worked on the ignition and vacuum 
system.  Here is what I replaced:
throttle switch
cleaned the ISV
new spark plugs (wires, cap and rotor replaced 8K ago)
replaced the turbo air intake elbow
replaced the oil fill cap
replaced the dipstick seal
new air filter
new gas filter

Here is what I checked and did not replace
T- hose
crankcase vent hose
throttle body for worn bushings
vacuum hoses

Before I started working on the car, it started fine, but idled around 
1800 rpm when warm.

Now since the work I have worked on it, the car starts hard and wants to 
die when it's cold and occasionally backfires when accelerating.  When 
it's warmed up, it idles at 650 rpm smoothly, but starts hard when warm. 
  I'm not sure were to start with this; I'm great at replacing parts, 
but this ignition/vacuum/injection stuff baffles the hell out of me. Any 
suggestions on where to start or how to logically make sense of all this 
stuff would be greatly appreciated.
Brett Goetz

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