Tire Vibration when Cold

Jim Green jeg1976 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 30 18:20:22 EDT 2001

--- Alexander van Gerbig <Audi_80 at msn.com> wrote:
>     I have had a vibration in both the 80 and 90q20v
> since I have had the
> 16" up in VT.  When I get in the car and go for the
> first drive in the
> morning I always get a quite sizable vibration from
> 40mph up.  This
> vibration goes away after driving several miles, the
> colder the longer it
> takes for it to go away.
>     This has happened in both cars, with Dunlop
> Sp9000's and Kumho 712's,
> more so with the Kumho's.  I figure it's the tire
> sitting overnight on the
> uneven rocky driveway causing the rubber to sort of
> form around the bumps
> and such.  Is this common?  The vibration goes away
> after 5 miles or so.
> I've tried higher and lower tire pressures and it
> really doesn't have any
> effect, but temperature really does, below 50 and
> the vibration is quite
> obnoxious for the first 5 miles, feels like I have a
> bent rim and then it
> goes away almost entirely.
> Cheers!
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What the hell, my car does that too!  I've been
noticing it now that it's getting cooler outside.

Jim Green
'89 90tq 

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