shift linkage ?'s

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Sep 30 21:16:49 EDT 2001

> Review parts at:

#30 is the important one, about $80 as I recall at the dealer.

> Someone posted a while back (should be in archives of about
> cutting down the lever rod (item 4 in the linked image) and rethreading the
> resulting shorter rod for the knob.  

that pic looks like my 90Q - the FWD might be a bit different, but I am
sure it is similar, at least.

I have shortened throw and lever length on both my 2wd coupe and '89
90Q, some info at my web site with any luck: (on my coupe) (90Q)

> >Ahoy Hoy!  ive been noticing some serious wear on my linkage and
> >whatever else that entales :)  the throw is REALLY notchy and im
> >starting to grind the gears every so often because the shifter will go
> >about halfway into the gear and then stop. its like there is an
> >inbetween gear.  and just by hait when the shifter stops i engage the
> >clutch and it grinds :( MY fault completely but its just annoying.
> >   the car is a 1988 Audi 90 FWD 

Huw Powell

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