Fw: dash lights don't work wiht headlights?

ricematthews ricematthews at msn.com
Sun Sep 30 15:12:51 EDT 2001

P.S.:  Other culprits - fuse (I'd check this first 'cause it's easy) or a
wire (loose or burnt connection at the switch) - I had this problem with my


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> Mitchell:
> If I'm not mistaken, there are several bulbs in the dash and it's unlikely
> that they all went out at the same time - therefore unless you had a
> dimming (i.e. individual bulbs going out one at a time), I wouldn't
> the bulbs.  And I don't think that the dash lights are relayed (actually,
> don't think that the headlights in my 4kq are relayed at all), so I
> suspect a relay.  And the lack of a headlight relay would make me suspect
> the switch - too much current passes through the switch causing it to heat
> up and eventually fail.  Just my .02
> -Mark
> *******************************************************
> I've got the same problem on my 88 90Q.  I just drive without them.
> replaced both lic. plate lamps, so I know it's either the switch (not
> likely), the bulb in the dash (I hope), or a relay.  Are there any other
> bulbs in the circuit that could be causing this?

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