4000 Q ignition timing

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> where do you ck the timing on the 4000Q?
The hole to look through is the one closest to the crankcase breather/vent
on the drivers side of the block.  You may need to shove the nearby wiring
harness aside.  If you stand at the front of the car, facing the gearbox,
it's the hole at about the 2 o-clock position.  There should be an arrow or
notch cast into the bellhousing.  My '86 4kq has an arrow, my '85 has a
small bump/ridge, YMMV.  Anyways, you point the strobe on that, and should
eventually be able to find the 0 and | marks on the flywheel.

>cylinder closest to the front end is #1, right?

>I bet the timing belt is fun too.
With the right tools it's not that bad.

-Derek L.
'85 4ksq  '86 4kcstq  '87 GTi 16v

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