Need Ignition Timing Reference Sensor, '90 200tqw

scott miller macatawa at
Sat Sep 29 20:02:05 EDT 2001

My hot-start problem has recurred.  I need a crank position sensor.  Part # 
RS-101, RS-102, RS-101B, or RS-102B.  They're all the same sensor, just 
different plugs on the wire.  RS-102B is the bad one, but it's stuck in a 
small aluminum block with RS-101B, so both in the block would be best.  
They're mounted over the flywheel on the left side, with two allen screws, 
and the plugs run over the engine to the upper right firewall.  
Prohibitively expensive new, and unusual to fail.  I'd prefer the B models 
from a 200 or 100, as they have the plug that mounts on my firewall 
properly.  Anyone have a parts car or know of one in a scrapyard in 
Southwest Michigan, Northern Indiana, Chicago?

Scott Miller
'90 200tqw
Holland, MI

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