10V T pics-detonation

Matt Beaubien mrbeau0 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 13:14:57 EDT 2001


> I don't agree! You have it backward, a 16:1 AFR is MUCH leaner than 13:1,
> and for the most part, a richer mixture gives a cooler combustion chamber
> and less potential for detonation. AFR of 16:1 is WAAAYYY lean, Lambda 1
> 14.7:1, and most turbo engines run 12-13:1 in full boost.
> Mike

If you go lean enough, combustion can't even be supported, and there's not
enough enery to do much of anything.  Temps peak at stoich, and go down as
you rich or lean from there.  When people talk about cars running lean and
detonating, they're either not rich enough or not lean enough.  It's the
area between ~13.0 and ~15.0 that's "dangerous", especially on boosted
engines.  Obviously little power is to be had at 16:1 AFR, but the economy
is good (better than running at 14.7:1).


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